Our consultants have carried out more than a thousand in-depth assessments locally. Our process has the professional structure, i.e. thorough interviews combined with personality, ability and motivation tests, coupled with our local knowledge and deep understanding of the Chinese market.
Our assessments minimize your management risks
We have the experience and expertise to give you the necessary insight and understanding of the personality characteristics and skills of personnel and managers.
Assessments study the individual’s working habits, characteristics, competence and motivational factors. The emphasis is always on in-depth interviews, where we interact openly with the applicant. Individuals who participate in the assessment receive constructive feedback on their own strengths and areas in need of development. The service therefore also functions as a tool supporting personal development.
Assessments are used as a solid foundation for several different purposes:
  • External Recruitment
  • Internal Promotion
  • Management Development Audits
  • Executive Coaching
  • Digital Learning

Our interviews are coupled with:

  • Occupational Personality test
  • Occupational Motivations test
  • Ability test
  • Team Analysis assessments
  • Other supplementary tests

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